A little more about us…

A little more about us…


Chemical Engineer Mike and Agricultural Scientist Wade have worked across UK, Europe and Africa on projects protecting the public from water borne pathogens, ensuring water quality and supporting the generation of green energy from organic waste. Now, they apply their knowledge to devising products and services for Alps Eco companies that clean water and waste using biological science without impacting the environment or exposing the users to toxic chemicals.


Alps Eco and sister company Alps Ecoscience were founded by Mike Platt and Wade McRoberts in the UK in 2016. Their aim has been to promote sustainable environmentally friendly ways of removing organic contamination and purifying water. By providing natural, effective and affordable solutions to domestic and industrial to organic contamination Alps Eco believe “we can change the world together” and preserve our precious and life-giving water. This pursuit of propose lead to the discovery of BOC (bio organic catalysts) and the subsequent collaboration to create a range of consumer products for home use.

BOC (bio organic catalyst)

In the 1990’s BOC’s breakthrough bio-catalytic chemistry emerged to provide solutions to industrial clean-ups, where a non-toxic product that was friendly to fish and wildlife was a welcome alternative to traditional harsh chemicals. BOC usage extended into municipal and commercial wastewater treatment plants treating contaminated effluents. It progressed to the huge water demand in Pulp & Paper then onto Irrigation water and other biologically driven process like Cooling Towers and Anaerobic Digestion that require effective solubilisation of organic contaminants in water.

The Science

BOC works in a similar way to saponaceous products (those containing soap) we see in most domestic and industrial detergents by rapidly breaking down organic contaminants such as fat, grease and organic matter into a solution and can drain or wash away easily. However, where BOC differs is it doesn’t simply shift the problem downstream, it prevents contaminants from coagulating by breaking organic pollutants into their constituent parts (individual molecules). These molecular parts are readily digested by microorganisms as bug food. Using BOC in your water will enhance its purity and will ensure domestic wastewater is stripped of any environmental contaminants that may be harmful to our natural environment. Using BOC within a cleaning solution dissolves organic contaminants from surfaces and removes the conditions for biofilm development and bacterial growth.