Alps Eco BBQ Clean is an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemical barbecue cleaners. Alps Eco BBQ Clean contains a patented bio-organic catalyst that breaks down grease and removes grime for barbecues, grill pans and other cooking surfaces. Simply spray the surfaces, leave for 10 to 15 minutes depending upon level of grime and then rinse with clean water. Alps Eco BBQ Clean is non-abrasive and does not produce fumes or contain corrosive chemicals. The plant-based degreaser will remove oils from you skin leaving your hands feeling dry. If this is a concern you may wish to wear gloves.

Alps Eco BBQ Clean is highly concentrated and the easy-to-use spray bottle comes with a reservoir of concentrate allowing it to be refilled 6 times. Once the bottle is empty, simply squeeze one measure of concentrate into the bottle and top up with water to mix. Loosening the cap, pressing the bottle in, and then tightening it to create a vacuum makes this easier when the reservoir gets near the bottom. One bottle of Alps Eco BBQ Clean makes up-to 4 litres of cleaner, to save on plastic and transport costs.


  • Removes grease, stains and burnt on material from barbecues, ovens and grills without toxic chemicals.
  • Contains a patented bio organic degreaser to remove oil, grease and fat.
  • Unscented, plant-based cleaning solution for cooking surfaces.
  • Non caustic, odourless eco-friendly cleaning solution. No fumes.
  • Ultra concentrated, refillable solution to reduce plastic and transport costs.
  • A plant-based formula that’s safe for you and the environment
  • Convenient 625ml recyclable container with easy measure dosing system for refilling.
  • One bottle makes up to 4 litres of cleaner, the same as 6 traditional spray bottles.
  • Contains: Water, Small Molecular Proteins and Non-Ionic Surfactants.
  • Caution: Keep out of the reach of children, avoid contact with eyes. If contact rinse well with clean water.
  • Safety data sheet available here.

Please note: Our products are non-toxic and so effective that they will remove natural oils from your hands making them feel dry. You may choose to wear gloves to prevent this. Otherwise simply rinse your hands in clean water and then apply some moisturiser.

Here are the benefits…

Icon reduced maintenanceIcon reduced maintenance

Here are the benefits…

Icon reduced maintenance

& always…

Icon powered by natureIcon powered by nature
Icon patented organic degreaserIcon patented organic degreaser
Icon cruelty freeIcon cruelty free
Icon concentrated less packagingIcon concentrated less packaging

& always…

Icon powered by nature
Icon patented organic degreaser
Icon cruelty free
Icon concentrated less packaging