Alps Eco Pool Clear is a non-toxic water purifier and clarifier suitable for all fresh and salt-water pools. Derived from a patented bio organic catalyst, Alps Eco Pool Clear reduces biofilm, the slime growth caused by oil, grease, lotion, cosmetics and grime deposited by bathers. The action of Alps Eco Pool Clear, removes conditions for harmful bacteria to grow preventing water going cloudy and becoming unsanitary. Less chlorine additive is needed to maintain the hygiene of the water reducing contaminants and harsh chemicals that irritate eyes and skin.

Alps Eco Pool Clear works in a progressive way and recovers adverse conditions over the period of 1-2 days. Once the chemistry is established with regular dosing Alps Eco Pool Clear helps support a natural swimming experience whilst also reducing the amount and frequency of water additive required to maintain a sparkling clear pool. Regular application of Alps Eco Pool Clear ensures your pool water is always pure and ready to dive into.


  • Patented bio organic degreaser to eliminate the causes of dull or cloudy pool water and biofilm slime build up
  • A non-toxic water additive that reduces irritation to eyes and skin
  • Improves pool efficiency and reduces amount of harsh sanitising (chlorine/bromine) chemicals
  • Clarifies and purifies fresh or salt-water to reduce filter cleaning and pool care
  • Concentrated solution to reduce amount of additive and frequency of pool treatments
  • A plant-based formula that’s safe for you and the environment
  • Convenient 500ml recyclable container with easily measurable dosing system
  • Suitable for 16 applications (4 months in a typical pool).
  • No PH testing required before use
  • Compatible with all sanitising chemicals (such as Chlorine) and filtration systems
  • You will use less chlorine which is good for you, your pocket and the planet.
  • Contains: Water, Small Molecular Proteins and Non-Ionic Surfactants.
  • Caution: Keep out of the reach of children, avoid contact with eyes. If contact rinse well with clean water.
  • Safety data sheet available here.

Please note: Our Spa & Pool products are non-toxic and so effective that they will remove natural oils from your hands making them feel dry. You may choose to wear gloves to prevent this. Otherwise simply rinse your hands in clean water and then apply some moisturiser.

Here are the benefits…

Icon kind to eyes and skinIcon kind to eyes and skin
Icon reduced maintenanceIcon reduced maintenance

Here are the benefits…

Icon kind to eyes and skin
Icon reduced maintenance

& always…

Icon powered by natureIcon powered by nature
Icon patented organic degreaserIcon patented organic degreaser
Icon cruelty freeIcon cruelty free
Icon concentrated less packagingIcon concentrated less packaging

& always…

Icon powered by nature
Icon patented organic degreaser
Icon cruelty free
Icon concentrated less packaging